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2013-03-06 09:31 pm
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0003. oops

Despite the fact I always have a dreamwidth tab open I always forget I have a journal. That's what 24/7 anoncomm posting does to you I guess.

I've decided gamemaker or flash would be better for my fangame needs. A shame since I wanted more practice in rpgmaker, but I already know enough actionscript to make this work so why the hell not.
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2013-01-11 08:20 am

002. vidya adventures

Looking forward to the release of gen6 this fall. With Animal Crossing on the way too, and Paper Mario and Tales of the Abyss already out, I don't think I can put off buying a 3DS for another year. I just want the games!

I've been fiddling with rpgmaker2003. Thought about getting the newest version, but I'm really just dipping my toe into the game-making waters right now, and I don't want to drop $60 on a program that I'm not sure I'll like. Besides that I prefer that 2k3 has a more retro look out of the box, even though VX looks sexy as hell.

So far the funnest part of this little adventure has been the spriting. jfc I love these little Sonics so much, I've never worked this small before but I think I like it.